Please, Don't Hack Me

I don't know how to make this any more clear. Please, dont hack me. got it?


What Is This Website For?

This website is a for when you need to link to something easily, or host a small file. It is also for use as a cdn of js and css assets.

Do remember, everything on this site is public.

What Information Do You Store?

We do not log requests or IP addresses.

The list of information that we store is the following:

your files are associated with you, and you are responsible for their content.

How Do I Use This Site?

You can use this website multiple ways, online, with shareX, or even with a bash script.

A bash script has been made to interact with please dont hack me and can be downloaded at

Configuration for this script can be seen in comments inside the file.

Information about shareX can be seen below

The action of taking a screenshot and uploading could then be bound to a key combination on your keyboard.

Will You Delete Files?

We do not delete any files, unless we have recieved a complaint and it is illegal content.

Extending that, we do not delete user accounts as well, even on request.

What Are Premium Accounts?

Premium accounts allow you to get more features than regular accounts. They are given to people manually.

Premium accounts will never replace regular accounts.

The features given with premium accounts are the following:

Premium accounts can still use the regular api and ignore those features, but have the option to use either api.

WARNING: If a file being uploaded with the premium api shares a name with a previosly uploaded file of yours, the file will be overwttiten.


This site has an api to upload files with a program like sharex for windows or shell scripts for linux.

Using sharex

To use this site with sharex, here are the parameters to plug into the 'custom-uploader' upload method: